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Hybrid Distribution

Hybrid Distribution: The Future of Life Insurance Sales

Hybrid Distribution: The Future of Life Insurance Sales was originally published on Coverager We live in a hybrid world. Many of us are back to the office on a “hybrid” basis, i.e., a few days working from home, a couple of days in the office. We drive hybrid cars, and …

annual reviews

An Annual Review Process Based on Core Values

This year is speeding by – we can’t believe it’s almost June and the summertime! We’re excited about the nicer weather and are looking forward to more outdoor activities. In April’s blog, we talked about leveraging your employees’ interests when coming up with events. This month, we’re going to shift …

Embracing Modernization: Life Insurance Carriers Are Stepping up

Book a Demo 3Qs with Rowena Roy, Senior Director of Sales at Breathe Life Q: Have life insurance carriers become more receptive to partnering with InsurTechs, especially since the onset of the pandemic? A: Absolutely, I think the biggest change since our earliest conversations with carriers in 2018 is in …

Webinar – How 2020 Forced Insurers to Put People First

Breathing Room

The Breathing Room – Mark Williams

Breathing Room

The Breathing Room – Sharon Ludlow