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  1. The Values & Benefits of the Breathe Life Platform
  2. A Focus on User-Centricity Creates a Win-Win Scenario
  3. The Power of Consumer Insights and Business Intelligence
  4. The ROI of Using the Breathe Life Platform

Over the past few weeks, I published three articles about the distribution problem within the life insurance industry and how and why Breathe Life is aiming to solve this. However, I only really scratched the surface about what it really means to partner with Breathe Life. So in this next series, I thought I would further explain the strategic benefits of our platform and its modules. I will highlight the key values that we bring to our partners including the user-centricity of the interface, the consumer insights, and the digital ROI optimization.

As those in the industry know, insurance in general, and even more so the life insurance space has been slow to embrace the digital trends that so many other financial services have. From a widening gap in coverage and missed potential with a huge percentage of the middle market, the industry was well overdue for some modernization. Consumers are all moving in one direction when it comes to searching out options for these types of purchases, and that’s to where they feel that the transactions are more transparent and done in a way where they have more control.

From the very beginning, it was clear to the Breathe Life team that our vision was to bring financial security to as many people as possible, whoever and wherever they are and to do so without bias toward income or age. Therefore it was essential for us to design the right tools to enable our partners to reach a broader audience, but to also ensure we stayed focused on why we were building this solution.

Our two modules, although different, were built with the same vision in mind — they allow our partners to approach potential clients how and where they want to be reached. In building this platform our goal was never to eliminate the advisor, but instead to empower them.

The first part of the platform is the Consumer-Driven Module. This module facilitates the sale of simple life insurance products (i.e. what most of the middle market is looking for) digitally and with omnichannel support should the client wish to speak with an advisor. From targeting the prospect all the way to policy approval all of it happens through the Breathe Life white-labeled interface allowing client conversions to scale dramatically.

Conversely, the Advisor-Driven Module is essentially a dedicated tool for the advisors themselves. It was built to empower advisors and help alleviate some of the grunt work required when completing more complex life insurance applications. An advisor’s bread and butter are their personal relationships, the face-to-face time spent with their clients. What we wanted to do was find a way to amplify that.

The Advisor-Driven Module allows for the personal touch of a seasoned advisor but through completely re-envisaged consumer experiences. Now an advisor can walk a client through an intuitive and well-designed digital application, submit it online and get an answer significantly faster, some in real time, than the months it would take to process in the past.

On top of this, both the Consumer-Driven and Advisor-Driven Modules provide carriers and advisors to get access to impressive business intelligence data which helps them understand how clients are making decisions, which products are selling and which need to be tweaked.

The Breathe Life platform was designed by technology experts and backed up with insurance industry know-how. This means that insurers don’t need to spend the time on their own costly internal IT developments. Instead, they can partner with us to get access to a white-labeled platform that is tailored to their specific needs. This means carriers and advisors can hit the ground running and see a decrease in costs while increasing revenues.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be exploring in depth some of the main features of each module and the associated benefits they provide both our partners and in turn their end users. Stay tuned to see how Breathe Life can power your distribution.