Other articles in this series:

  1. The Values & Benefits of the Breathe Life Platform
  2. A Focus on User-Centricity Creates a Win-Win Scenario
  3. The Power of Consumer Insights and Business Intelligence
  4. The ROI of Using the Breathe Life Platform

Over the past few weeks, I have touched on the values & benefits of using the Breathe Life platform. Last week I explored how our Business Intelligence and Consumer Insights can help you reach more customers when they want to be and targeted with the right products. In the last article of this series, I want to take you through the ROI using the Breathe Life digital transformation platform.

The thought of re-writing manual processes, re-training staff and advisors, collecting and analyzing data for useful marketing insights and even targeting previously underserved markets may be daunting. You may also be considering the costs associated with such an implementation and so it is important to understand how you will see a return on your investment as a Breathe Life partner.

The key for us is delivering on our digital transformation promise of helping you access new customers and providing a better experience for them. Many of the insurance providers that have chosen to use the platform have varying characteristics and requirements of the modules. This means that with tailored solutions we are always iterating the technology to improved versions so nothing remains static for long. The products Breathe Life offers are already performing above and beyond client expectations, as such, we have proven our ability to transition a range of providers from the realms of analog into the digital age of customer-centric user experiences.

From inception to implementation we pride ourselves on being able to deliver a fully integrated product to market in a matter of months. This is a lot faster than the development cycle of trying to scope and build a similar tool internally, where cumbersome systems need to be re-designed or require bolt-ons that have limited functionality. Being able to hit the ground running with a tried and tested platform means that new target customers can be sought out and sales closed, with insights generated to then cast the net further.

This, of course, has reduced cost implications across the board. Not only are our partners saving on time wasted internally, so too are they on the costs of acquiring sales and the cost of maintaining an internal platform. Enabling agents and advisors to become more efficient means they can focus on more complex cases, while the platform handles the processing of simpler, higher volume applications.

The return on investment is clear. The speed at which all of the platform advantages can be realized is case enough for you to seek out this new digital transformation tool for distributing personal insurance policies to a market in need. Combine this with unique data points of business intelligence that enable polished marketing strategies, as well as embracing a modern consumer experience that a millennial generation is accustomed to, and it becomes clear that Breathe Life is the partner to work with.