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The Breathe Life platform powers the insurance world with innovative technology that delivers seamless experiences to consumers and industry experts alike.

Seamless Life Insurance Workflow

Online distribution of Life and Health Insurance with an onboarding flow that converts the majority of leads directly online and seamlessly supports omnichannel.

Digital Marketing Insights

Tools to empower carriers and MGAs to drive and optimize their digital marketing execution.

Online Advisor Sales

Powering advisor enabled insurance application submissions to increase point of sale acceptance rate with lower processing overhead and reduced delays.

Analytical Insights

Dashboards, reports and statistics models to help carriers, MGAs and advisors better understand their sales performance, their insurance product offering strength by segment and identify opportunities to improve.

Insurance Product Insights

Uncover new opportunities and actionable insights with regards to insurance products: coverage gaps, underwriting performance, profit pools and price competitivity.

Consumer-Driven Module

A white-label B2C solution for distributing life insurance products with omni-channel agent tools.

White-Label B2C Solution

An online application and quoting system for Insurance products with a dynamic questionnaire and decision tree. Customers can complete the full application and received an answer instantly.

Omni-Channel Agent Tools

Allows clients to either schedule a call with an agent or receive a call back. Agents are provided with the full context for customers who began their application online.

Digital Marketing Insights

Digital marketing insights tool that empowers providers of all sizes to reach their target audiences across multiple channels.

Advisor-Driven Module

A white-label carrier solution for financial advisors providing a digital insurance application service for all Life & Health products.

White-Label Carrier Solution for Advisors

Enabling the advisor to complete and manage applications digitally throughout the insurance transaction life cycle. All while maintaining the client-facing aspect that is an integral part of the advisor role.

Digital Application with Instant Decision

Allowing advisors to submit insurance applications digitally and receive a decision at the point of sale. Supports your entire Health & Life product line and has an integrated quoting engine for complex products.

Advanced Analytics & Product Insights

An analytics tool that monitors the sales process and consumer demographics for an improved pipeline development, strengthening of product offerings as well as highlighting new opportunities.

White Paper

Life insurance distribution in North America has been undergoing a radical shift. Find out more about how the industry is catching up and capturing a new age of consumers.

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