My journey at Breathe Life started back in September and now that I’ve spent a couple months with the company, I wanted to share what that time has looked like and what it is like to work on our team. 

What first stood out to me about Breathe Life was the energy and positivity that everyone I spoke to during interviews seemed to have. I felt like this was a team that I needed to be a part of. I was excited to start but like most people when they join our team, had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know much about insurance, and come from a traditional marketing background, rather than technology. 

Once I was hired, my first week consisted of training and teaching sessions as well as many 1-on-1 calls with different team members so that I could meet everyone and feel less like the newbie. I was blown away by the kindness of everyone I met and how helpful and encouraging they were. I recall speaking with our Solutions Engineer, Cory (one of our American friends) who said “everyone is so nice on the team, I think it’s a Canadian thing” and I had to tell him that despite our reputation, the Breathe team was beyond Canadian standards! I immediately felt welcome. 

Breathe Life is very focused on staying innovative and empowering their employees, and I felt that right away after joining the team. Even as a junior employee, my ideas are welcome and listened to, and we are all given opportunities to contribute in big ways. Furthermore, we’re really encouraged to be creative and take a leap on projects to improve our skills and discover new ways of working, and everyone is always willing to help and teach each other. There are regular Lunch & Learns taught by different members of the team that push us to keep learning and right now we’re preparing for an internal hackathon to challenge us to go further with our ideas. The entrepreneurial mindset runs deep and is really used to push us forward as a company and continue to evolve on both an individual and team level.

Now despite the work environment being really great, this is a company that knows how to have fun. Since I first started, we’ve had trivia nights, scavenger hunts, fitness challenges, and team retreats! There’s always an opportunity to connect with co-workers whether at our weekly virtual coffee, at a social “donut meeting” where we can have a donut break and get to know a team member or even just on our #social slack channel sharing jokes and memes. In a virtual company, these activities really elevate the day to day and create a really fun and special atmosphere. 

In my own personal journey in the marketing department, I’ve loved being able to tackle campaigns hands on and have a firsthand experience in coming up with the messaging behind our content, an experience and opportunity that I am really grateful for. I’ve learned so much from my wiser team members and am always excited to see how they work and strategize in comparison to myself. I am often told to go after my ideas and just try, which is so cool and a really great way to challenge myself and also learn from mistakes.

It’s been a really great first few months learning and growing in this fast-paced team. I am very excited to continue my journey in the company and see what the future holds for us!