What We Do

We bring financial security to people, whoever and wherever they are.

Breathe Life’s mission is to power the insurance world with innovative technology that delivers seamless experiences to consumers and industry experts alike.

Our intuitive technology modules are making it possible for the insurance industry to distribute to a broader spectrum of potential customers.

We have understood the need, realized the gap and now leveraged our cross-industry expertise to engineer real solutions that facilitate a new simplicity for insurance transactions.

Recognized as a valued partner by some of the leading insurance institutions, Breathe Life powers partners to execute their digital transformation through a comprehensive suite of modules.

The Breathe Life Value

At Breathe Life we are redefining the insurance world with innovative software products and services that power the industry and empower the consumer.

Revitalize your Distribution

Reach a wider consumer audience directly in their comfort zone.

Understand the process with complete transactional management.

Enjoy a new age of online brokerage and drive improved efficiencies across your insurance channels.

Enrich your Understanding

Engage when it counts with improved communications between advisors and insurance carriers.

Make better decisions with full trend analytics covering different geographies, segments and pipeline characteristics.

Develop an effective message with specific tools to shape your digital marketing strategy.

Deliver on Time

Hit the ground running with a rapid route to market and ease of integration.

Benefit from a centralized database enabling streamlined access to all client information.

Simplify the application and approval process for increased customer conversion.

White Paper

Life insurance distribution in North America has been undergoing a radical shift. Find out more about how the industry is catching up and capturing a new age of consumers.

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