Last year, my Co-Founders and I took to the stage in front of thousands of people to belt out “Fight For Your Right” by the Beastie Boys. No, we aren’t part-time musicians. It was all part of the annual event Marvin on the Rock

Marvin on the Rock is an event that brings together investors, corporate leaders, and startup founders to belt out some tunes on stage in front of thousands, (most of them have never sung on stage before) all for a great cause. 

The event is run by the Fondation Marie-Vincent. The foundation was established to help play a role in preventing the sexual assault of children. They also support children and adolescents who have been victims of sexual assault and offer help to their families. 

The annual event, Marvin on the Rock, was started to bring widespread attention to the issue and to raise funds in a really interesting way. Basically, they recruit local leaders to choose a song, rehearse the act and then perform it on stage. The goal of this is not only to entertain the audience but to put the singers in a position where they experience stress, the fear of the unknown, and potentially ridicule – but they come off the stage completely transformed and full of confidence. This is a nod to the courage that it takes and the experience that children who are victims of sexual assault have when they break their silence. 

Last year we raised over $7000 by singing “Fight For Your Right” by the Beastie Boys and the crowd went wild! Because we never settle, we’re aiming to raise $10,000 this year and we’re already hard at work taking our performance to the next level. Stay tuned to find out what we’re singing! And if you’d like to donate to a great cause, you can do so here

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