Over the last year, I have published a lot of articles and been asked to speak at several events on the importance of modernizing your distribution and how partnering with an InsurTech can help you achieve that. The main point behind this was that InsurTechs are technology-first companies, they live and breathe it. They have extensive experience building scalable technology stacks, beautifully designed consumer experiences, and powerful data analysis and Machine Learning tools.

On top of this, InsurTech employees, like the ones at Breathe Life, spend their days using multiple tech platforms and applications that enable amongst other things, team communication, project management, and remote working. Not only do the majority of our employees have experience working on distributed teams, but we also have one ourselves. We have team members coast-to-coast so it’s become common practice for us to leverage video-conferencing tools. We have implemented virtual meetings with some of our clients who are based further away and they’re loving the ability to have a face-to-face without anyone having to jump on a plane or train. 

We’ve recognized the importance of virtual tools and have built those into the Breathe Life platform. We have given Advisors the opportunity to realize that while they benefit from face-to-face meetings, they also need omnichannel tools to help them sell more policies, faster, in a virtual environment, and all without losing the human connection. Advisors can now share a link and walk clients through their insurance applications via phone, chat, or video conference. 

Now, I understand that nothing can ever truly replace a face-to-face meeting, but virtual meetings can come pretty close. So in this time of social distancing, let’s take advantage of all the technology we have at our fingertips and become masters of the virtual meeting. 

Hoping to meet someone at a cocktail reception at a conference? Suggest you both grab a drink and meet virtually. Meeting in person for that final contract negotiation? Get everyone together in a room and screen share so you can work on the document together and e-sign it in real-time. Introducing both teams or curious to get a tour of the space your new partner works from? Suggest a virtual walk around with a laptop or even mobile phone and gather all team members in one room with good audio for introductions. 

Together, we can master the art of the virtual meeting and ensure that we are operating business as usual, as much as possible.

As a team, we’re focused on finding the positive in this very challenging time. We are all working from home and have canceled all our travel for the foreseeable future. This means we are able to spend more time with our families and are clearly reducing our carbon footprint. 

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we’ll be hosting a series of online webinars and discussions. We have developed a series of talks for the spring conference circuit which we’ll be giving virtually and are hoping to rally together some of our favorite InsurTechs and innovation partners to host some interesting online discussions that will hopefully add value as we work through these times of uncertainty.