I’ve been at Breathe Life now since January, and it’s been an incredible ride, so I wanted to share what it’s like to join our team. I actually come from the corporate world, from a well established firm in a very mature industry. I was attracted to Breathe Life because I wanted to play a part in the exciting journey of a booming Montreal tech company. 

I studied finance originally and started working at an internship in the insurance industry which is how I first got into this world. When my internship ended, I moved into a full time position and into project management which is when I started hearing about a company called Breathe Life. Many of my colleagues at the time were working with Breathe Life and had so many good things to say about the company, and about how they were a promising player, and creating disruption in a very traditional industry. There were also whispers that they apparently had an amazing culture of teamwork and trust where everyone was rolling up their sleeves to innovate and change things up. I have to say, my curiosity was definitely sparked. When I had the opportunity to join the team, I jumped at the chance. 

In my interviews, I was given the impression that Breathe Life was a place where everyone is always looking at improving internal processes, finding new ways of solving problems, and where elevating voices was a priority because everybody has a good idea. I was also told I would be able to be very involved in high-level projects and that I would be able to work directly with clients which was something I was really excited to do. I had very high expectations going in, and all of them were exceeded. 

I love that at Breathe Life everyone is not just welcome, but encouraged and championed. It’s not every company where just anyone can speak up during a company-wide meeting. The company has a very horizontal hierarchy, our leadership team are not only accessible but actively rolling up their sleeves to all work as a team. Everybody’s voice and opinions are worth the same, you’re not just another employee, and it’s felt, which is a huge accomplishment. It’s a very fast-paced environment, but we are truly all in it together, we all take responsibility to be a part of it and there’s always a “Let’s roll” energy. 

There’s also such a culture of supporting each other. One of my favourite things about Breathe Life is that we have “tacos” which is something I’ve never experienced at a job before. “Tacos” is our own structure about celebrating the team’s little wins and putting an emphasis on recognition to people working hard to make a difference.It’s a small thing, but it surprisingly goes a really long way, and illustrates well the type of work environment there is. 

My onboarding was a really great experience. From my very first day, everybody was not only welcoming but also actively ready to help me, answer my questions and make sure that I was settling in well. The expectations for my first week were very clear, and it was my responsibility to be proactive, but it was structured to make that time really smooth and easy and I had the resources and support I needed. Sometimes when you start at a new job, the first few weeks are a little awkward as you’re settling in and getting to know people. I felt like I skipped that part entirely. 

When I joined Breathe Life I was wanting to branch out and join an innovative, well-respected young company with purposeful and passionate leadership. I not only found that, but a wonderful community of hard working people who support each other day in and day out and I couldn’t be happier.