You may have seen my post yesterday on solving the life insurance distribution problem. Well, today I’m pleased to announce that Breathe Life has achieved a significant milestone in this quest: we formally launched our Consumer-Driven Module (see the press release here).

The Breathe Life Consumer-Driven Module is designed to help insurance carriers and agencies develop and test new markets, capture new customers, and sell more products. It’s also an important step forward in the Breathe Life vision of bringing financial security to all people, whoever and wherever they are.

I’ve written a lot about the underserved middle market and our Consumer-Driven Module is designed to serve this market in a way that is both profitable and complementary to the insurance industry. It starts with making digital customer acquisition and product distribution cost-effective with a turnkey solution. It results in a modern buying experience that reduces costs and increases revenues for insurance carriers and agencies.

Industry watchers sometimes ask me if we’re worried about disrupting the insurance industry with products like the Consumer-Driven Module and for the record, the answer is unequivocally “no.” In fact, we’ve taken great strides when designing our products to ensure that advisors retain their critical role as trusted experts in the buying process. Our goal is to deliver more customers digitally, not to reinvent the wheel. You’ll be reading more on this from me in the coming weeks as I dive further into how we’re solving the distribution problem and what the concrete values and benefits of our platform are.

Meanwhile, I just want to give a shout out to the incredible Breathe Life team and thank everyone for working so hard to reach this milestone. We do what we do to ensure more people have access to financial security, and this is precisely what the Consumer-Driven Module does for traditionally underserved markets.