We took a little break this summer from our regularly scheduled blog posts as we wanted to step back and evaluate where we’ve come with culture in the first half of the year and come up with a robust plan for the second half. Fall is coming and we’re ready to get started again!

One thing that has become clear since COVID-19 completely disrupted our world, is that wellness and health are more important now than ever. Taking care of ourselves is important, and as a company, we’ve realized we need to take care of our employees too. This is why benefits are so important, and why they need to be discussed.

You may have seen brief discussions about our benefits on our careers page or a job description, but we thought it’d be helpful to get a little more in-depth about exactly what we offer and how they work in real-time.

Vacation time 🏝️

We offer 5 weeks of vacation. This includes one week off during the Holiday season in December, and 4 weeks that employees can use at their discretion. Usually, our rule of thumb is 2 weeks at a time, but team members can discuss this with their manager and work something out if they want more time off consecutively. People on our team use the time off differently. We have people who use the weeks heavily throughout the summer, and then others like to spread it out and take many long weekends (probably to enjoy their chalet 😉). The main thing is, people are different, but a generous amount of time off is a win for everyone. We truly believe in great benefits, because this can ensure that employees have enough time off to rest, recharge, and spend time with loved ones. We also recognize that a fully rested employee is a productive one, which is a win for everyone.

Sick Days 🤒

We offer unlimited sick days and we did this for many reasons. Firstly, we understand that when you’re sick, the last thing you want to be thinking about is whether or not you still have days off available. When you’re sick, you need rest, and to get better, it’s that simple. Secondly, when you have kids, it’s likely that you’re going to need to take some time off to take care of them when they’re sick. It’s already a stressful time when your child is unwell, and not having to worry about your day off helps at least a little bit. Lastly, our definition of sick days is not just physical. When you feel like you need a day to rest your mental health, a day of rest, or just feeling unwell, this is what our sick days are for. We always tell our team that they don’t need to limit their sick days to when they’re running a fever.

Personal Days 📅

Included in our benefits are 3 paid personal days for everyone. These days can be used for anything from a Doctor’s appointment, a day for car maintenance at the mechanic, or even a day when you need repairs done at the house. These are backup days that you can use when you know something is coming up that you’d like time off for. 

Health Benefits 🏥

We offer full health benefits paid by the company. This includes access to Dialogue, a telemedicine service, life insurance, 100% prescription coverage, and long-term disability and critical illness coverage. One exciting aspect of our health benefits is our health care spending account, which offers employees $4,000 renewed annually to be used towards whatever they may need such as dental, physiotherapy, or massages. We understand that everyone is different and requires support in different areas, so this spending account is very flexible. I jokingly tell people that you could use this full amount towards massages for the year, there are no limitations!

A Day Off On Your Birthday ​​🎂

This is a small, but fun thing we like to offer our team. Every year you have a day off on your birthday. If your birthday falls on a weekend, then we’re flexible and allow you to choose another day for that time off. 

Home Office Stipend 🏣

Needless to say, we provide employees with all of the equipment they need to do their job, including their MacBook, monitor, adapters, keyboard, mouse, laptop, and monitor stands. On top of this, however, we realized that people needed support setting up their home office. This is why we instituted the home office stipend last year that offers employees an annual amount to put towards anything office-related. 

These provide you with a little more insight into what we offer at Breathe Life. We care about the wellbeing of our employees and think that through these benefits we make a happy team who’s more motivated and excited to work, and enjoy our time together!