As you might have noticed from our recent posts, a lot is going on at Breathe Life! We have had a really exciting last 8 months and have a lot in the works that I’ll be sharing with you over the next few months.

Today, I’m very excited to announce that Hamnett Hillwho recently joined Diagram Ventures as a Partner, is joining the Breathe Life board of directors.

Given his proven track record of hands-on experience creating, growing, and investing in technology companies, him joining our board will have an invaluable impact on Breathe Life as we scale up. As an entrepreneur it’s key to surround yourself with mentors that can help you along the way, Hamnett will provide us with tremendous value on our journey to changing how individual insurance is bought and sold.

Hamnett is a serial entrepreneur, operator, and investor that has built and scaled early-stage technology companies for decades. Hamnett co-founded TotalNet, one of Canada’s largest early Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and grew it to be the 3rd largest in Canada in less than 3 years before successfully exiting it. He then co-founded Zero-Knowledge Systems, a high-profile pioneer in online privacy and security that raised $100M dollars right before the bubble burst. Post-bubble, he built Radialpoint, North America and Europe’s largest Telco & Cableco consumer SaaS provider. After taking a “break” to launch an early-stage food-tech investment fund, Edo Capital, Hamnett launched Smooch, a spin-out from Radialpoint which he recently exited to Zendesk (NYSE: ZEN).

When asked about what excites him most about joining our board, Hamnett replied, “Breathe life is really firing on all cylinders — they have hit the right problem with the right approach at just the right time. They are doing an incredible job enabling their insurance partners to dramatically improve their customers’ experiences and journey while making sure they get the coverage they need.”

Throughout his journey, Hamnett has been a successful investor and mentor to many entrepreneurs but often struggled with the ability to find enough time to work directly with said entrepreneurs. Over his years of mentoring and investing he has realized that his ability to invest a great deal of time and energy are key to de-risking a startup and helping it succeed. This realization is what brought him to Diagram where he can work very closely with young companies and provide them the strategic advice, introductions, and support that they need to rapidly scale up.

As we enter this second half of 2019, the Breathe Life Co-Founders ArachJNSeb and I consider ourselves very lucky to have Hamnett in our corner!

That’s it for now, but keep an eye on us, we’ve got more big news coming!