We are living in unprecedented times. Every industry is in the process of putting in place business continuity plans and figuring out how to weather this storm. At Breathe Life, the health and wellness of our employees and their families is our number one priority, so we took steps a few weeks ago to set everyone up to work from home. We needed to ensure that our team was able to continue operating at full capacity because this crisis has taught us that our vision of bringing financial security to all, whoever and wherever they are, is so much more important today than ever before. 

Life insurance and other financial protection tools are top of mind for many during times of crisis, so it’s vital that advisors are available to support consumers through the buying process. With many of us under some form of stay-at-home advisories, this means that advisors must be able to conduct business in new, largely digital, ways. This includes distribution, which for many advisors is the missing piece of the (digital) puzzle. Norm Trainor, Founder of the Covenant Group said, “leveraging digital tools will soon become the new norm in the industry”.

Ninety percent of all life insurance policies are sold through advisors, and a large portion of the sales cycle can be handled by phone, email, and virtual meeting. However, processing paper applications, requiring medical testing, and other traditional aspects of sales need to be reimagined. David Stewart, Chief Operating Officer at Financial Horizons Group told us, “it is an absolute necessity for carriers to equip their advisors with the tools they need to deliver the critical financial products consumers need to be protected during uncertain times”.  

As a tech company, Breathe Life has been able to go virtual relatively easily, but we know that this is not true for many in the majority of the insurance industry — and we want to help. Our platform is designed to empower advisors with easy to use end-to-end digital tools and can be deployed remotely. Even as your teams are distributed and working from home, our team can get the platform up and running within weeks. We can help you equip advisors with digital needs analysis, remote-assisted applications, unified customer profiles, and by providing an advisor generated unique link to an online application. As this crisis hit, we were proud to see our client, La Capitale, publish a LinkedIn post reminding their advisors that they had the technology and tools needed in order to get through these tough times, and continue reaching their customers. 

I’m offering my support to anyone in need because I believe that we can get through this together. Send me a message if you have any questions about the switch to being 100% remote, or for tips on moving deals along digitally, or for anything really. The Breathe Life team is committed to our mission of bringing financial security to all, and we all need to work together to make it happen. Please let me know how we can help.