Our Platform

A flexible and modular enterprise commerce platform. We use advanced analytics and AI to build client profiles and dispatch them to the right experience, with the right insurance product, at the right time.


Find and convert more leads.
White label tools such as microsites, landing pages, needs analysis calculators, as well as machine learning and predictive analytics driven lead scoring and dispatching to convert likes into leads.


Distribute simple and complex products via multiple channels.
Our applications with a custom quoting engine, schedule a call, flexible questionnaire, reflexive underwriting, e-signature, and secure payment help you distribute simple and complex products via multiple channels.


Manage leads and clients, while supporting sales.
Deliver a great experience from first contact to conversion to upselling thanks to our smart lead dispatching tool all while leveraging advanced analytics to better manage and optimize products and the market.

Instruments d’analyse de données

Understand how consumers interact.
Our custom dashboards, reports and statistics models help you better understand how consumers are interacting with and purchasing your products.

Connaissance des produits d’assurance

Empower actuaries with better data so they can uncover new opportunities and actionable insights about coverage gaps, underwriting performance, profit pools, and price competitively.

One Platform | Multiple Channels

The Breathe Life Platform enables individual insurance distributors to convert leads to policies across products and channels.

Unified Customer Profile

Understand your customer with our unified customer profile made up of data points from first contact, through quote, application, policy issuance, and beyond.

Multi-Channel Dispatch

Easily sell simple and complex products with our smart dispatching of your leads to the channel they are most likely to convert through.

Custom-Branded Experience

Our platform is completely customizable to your brand. The client’s buying experience starts and finishes with you.


Know more about your customer and the product they need.


We help you learn more about your customer and their needs. We pull in anonymized data from multiple channels including social, behavioral, and their interactions with the platform.

Scoring and Dispatching

Every consumer is different and deserves a personal experience. Our platform learns about your visitors to dispatch them to the right experience, product, and channel.


An analytics tool that monitors the sales process and consumer demographics to help you build an improved pipeline and strengthen your product offerings.

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