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Ce que nous faisons chez Breathe Life

Breathe Life is the Enterprise Commerce Platform for the Insurance Industry. We help carriers make it easier for anyone to buy insurance when life happens.

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Product, channel, and target market agnostic. No matter the stage of life, lifestyle, or client profile you are targeting, Breathe Life helps you prospect and convert leads to clients.


A flexible and modular platform that empowers clients to apply and get insured with the support of an advisor, directly online, or anywhere in between.


An easily implementable platform with tools to support advisor training, product and rules editing, audit and compliance, and reporting.

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One Platform | Multiple Partners

We partner with insurance carriers, banks, and distributors to help increase conversion while decreasing costs.


Acquire more leads and convert them through an advisor, directly online, or anywhere in between.

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Modernize your insurance distribution strategies with our consumer-centric, mobile-first platform.

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Leverage our business intelligence and insights to ensure your products are targeting the right consumer at the right time.

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"Nous sommes ravis de nous associer à un chef de file de l'industrie tel que Breathe Life afin de continuer à offrir des solutions intégrées et novatrices à nos clients. Nous sommes fiers d'offrir les produits d'assurance vie se distinguant le plus dans leur catégorie et correspondant réellement aux habitudes, aux besoins et aux préférences des consommateurs."

Peter D. Thompson, premier vice-président, Assurances et président de Banque Nationale Assurances

La Capitale strengthened its commitment to a process of innovation and modernization in the last few years, and we have chosen the best partners to assist us in this endeavour. We believe that Breathe Life’s dynamism and agility will enable La Capitale to fulfill the promise it has made to its partners, namely that it is fast and easy to do business with La Capitale!

Martin Delage, Executive Vice-President of Individual Insurance and Financial Services, La Capitale

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