Leverage our business intelligence and insights to ensure your products are targeting the right customer at the right time

Product Insights

Uncover new product and market opportunities about coverage gaps, profit pools, and price competitivity.

Smart Dispatching

Dispatch your leads to the right experience, with the right product, at the right time.

Increased Revenue

Leverage existing architecture and infrastructure to be in market and generating revenue within weeks

Our goal at Viaction Assurance is to provide financial security for everyone, and providing a great consumer experience is key to our success. We wanted to maximize our online sales, however, we needed advanced tools and analytics to more effectively target, capture, convert, and retain customers -- this is exactly what the Breathe Life platform provides.

Pierre-Paul Cournoyer, General Manager at Viaction Assurance Inc.

White Paper

Life insurance distribution in North America has been undergoing a radical shift. Find out more about how the industry is catching up and capturing a new age of consumers.

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