About Us

We are changing the way personal insurance is bought and sold by powering the industry with innovative technology.

Who We Are?

Breathe Life is redefining the insurance world with an innovative software platform and suite of modules that power the industry and empowers the consumer.

We are taking processes and methods that have remained unchanged for decades and modernizing them for insurance providers to reach a broader scope of potential customers in a faster way.

Breathe Life really is the sum of its parts, and those are made up of a group of energetic founders, expert software engineers and product and designer industry leaders who foster an environment focused on innovation and excellence.


Ian Jeffrey

Chief Executive Officer


A marketer, entrepreneur and investor for almost 2 decades, Ian has founded several companies and helped up others in both Montreal and San Francisco. He is passionate about building real businesses that solve concrete problems and launched Breathe Life to create an impact in people's lives.

Arach Tchoupani

Chief Technology Officer


With over 12 years of experience as an entrepreneur and CTO, Arach has helped lead the growth of various startups in both Montreal and New York City. He has taking his passion for scaling diverse and multi-disciplined technical teams who adhere to the agile methodology and implemented it at Breathe Life.

Jean-Nicholas Hould

Chief Data Officer


With a Masters Degree in E-Commerce, Jean-Nicholas has built a solid career on analyzing and interpreting data. Having most recently built a world class data science team at Intel Security, he has now turned his attention to helping Breathe Life's partners truly understand their consumers and how to distribute to them.

Sébastien Malherbe

Chief Product Officer


Having built out and led the Product Management team at PasswordBox, he became Head of Product at Intel Security after the acquisition. Sébastien has over 15 years of execution in product and design and is driven by his passion for user interfaces and experiences. He's translating this into creating a seamless customer experience that is unrivaled in the insurance space.

Our Investors

Real VenturesDiagramNational Bank of Canada

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Why work with us?

We have five values at Breathe Life which not only help guide us in our every day lives but also help us build world-class products, hire employees and scale up.



Be Authentic, Be Humble, Be Honest


Respect One Another, Communicate Openly, Be Accountable


Ask For Forgiveness, Not For Permission


Find Solutions, Not Excuses


Laugh, Work, Enjoy

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