Insurance Carriers

Acquire more leads and convert them through an advisor and their omnichannel tools

Increase your leads

Acquire more leads and be confident in their strength with our machine learning driven lead scoring.

Decrease your costs

See your cost of acquisition drop by over 35% thanks to our product and market insights.

Increase conversion

Our smart dispatching ensures that customers get sent to the channel they are most likely to convert through.

La Capitale strengthened its commitment to a process of innovation and modernization in the last few years, and we have chosen the best partners to assist us in this endeavour. We believe that Breathe Life’s dynamism and agility will enable La Capitale to fulfill the promise it has made to its partners, namely that it is fast and easy to do business with La Capitale!

Martin Delage, Executive Vice-President of Individual Insurance and Financial Services, La Capitale

Case Study

Find out how the Breathe Life Platform helped a North American Insurance Carrier increase sales by 18%.

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