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Working at Breathe Life

Where do we work?

We believe the way forward is digital first.

We have team members spread out across North America, from Texas to British Columbia, California to Ontario. 

Our office is located in Montreal, Quebec, and employees living in Montreal have full access to work from the office as much as they would like.


How do we work?

We live by our 5 core values, and this is the foundation of how every team member works.

We believe deeply in creating a healthy work life balance. This isn’t about foosball tables and free beer, it’s about making sure employees feel supported and enjoy what they do. 


This is why we place high value on our company culture, making sure we offer an inclusive, respectful and fun environment.

We are one team

We celebrate diversity, individuality, and everyone’s contributions. We are stronger together.

We are accountable

We trust each other, and if we’re struggling with our work, we ask for help. We do what we say we’ll do.

We push the limits

We pursue excellence and take pride in our work. We never get comfortable.

We are proactive

We are empowered to make decisions and ask for forgiveness, not for permission. We embrace risk.

We like to have fun

We thrive off our teammates and love to laugh and joke around. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Perks & Benefits

At Breathe Life we understand that happy and healthy employees are what make a great and successful company. This is why we offer a comprehensive benefits package that every employee has access to, including health and dental.

home office

Home Office Stipend: We provide all the equipment you need to set up and an additional $250 annual stipend.

time off

Generous Time Off Policy: We offer 4 weeks of paid vacation time, additional time off during the holiday period, 3 paid personal days, and a day off on your birthday.


Equity for all: Stock option purchase program offered.


Competitive Salary: A competitive compensation plan, including stock options.


Health & Wellness Benefits: We offer company paid top-tier health benefits plan (including dental), a telemedicine service, and an employee assistance program.


Flexibility: Work from anywhere in North America

We're looking forward to meeting you!

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