Breathe Life was founded with the mission of accelerating access to financial security for everyone, and life insurance plays a critical role in ensuring financial security. Here’s our back story: in late 2017, we saw two trends in the individual insurance market that caught our attention:

Consumer buying habits had changed, but the sales and distribution process for insurance products had not. Face-to-face, kitchen-table conversations with agents, lengthy paper-based application processes, medical exams…and literally months passing between a consumer’s initial interest and policy issuance. 

The insurance industry continued to target high-net-worth individuals and families, leaving a large, underserved population that could benefit from products like life insurance. If it costs the same to sell a large, more profitable policy as it does to sell a small, less profitable policy, where is the incentive for producers?

Some things have changed, some things haven’t – but our commitment to being part of the solution is unwavering. 

In honor of Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM), Breathe Life will be taking stock of how these trends have, and have not, evolved in the two-plus years since we launched our company. Our founders will explore their personal journeys and the inspiration behind our passion for being change-agents in the insurance industry. We’ll also look at some of our client journeys and how their investments in modern insurance distribution are paying off.

The theme of LIAM this year is “Reality Check: The Time for Insurance is NOW.” A timely theme as many people struggle to adapt to the new reality of life during a pandemic. Younger consumers are paying more attention to life insurance as a result, but there are many myths and misconceptions about life insurance that persist, and it’s still not easy enough for most consumers to purchase quickly.

This is why we at Breathe Life are doing our part to support Life Insurance Awareness Month. It’s an opportunity for the industry to educate consumers – and each other – to ensure broad awareness of, and access to, these important financial products. Follow along on our social media platforms and here on the Breathe Life blog for our stories. We hope you are as inspired as we are to help people everywhere achieve financial security.