Using Modern Technology to Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Customers want a great experience, but they often don’t want to meet face to face, especially in today’s reality.

The Breathing Room - Dan Shinnick

The Breathing Room featuring Dan Shinnick, President & CEO of National Mutual Benefit

Scaling a Remote-First Business: The Impact on the Team

6 months into the shift to being a remote-first company and we want to share some lessons learned and plans for the future.

The Breathing Room -Jim Fritz

The Breathing Room featuring Jim Fritz, President & COO APPS/Portamedic

Breathe Life: A Changing Business for a Changing World

Ian Jeffrey, CEO of Breathe Life, discusses how entrepreneurs can transform their business to keep up with the times.

On Making Behavioural Analytics Scalable

In this article I lay out some of the challenges that we faced at Breathe Life while implementing tracking on a scaling SaaS platform.

#LifeInsuranceMatters: Ian’s story

Ian Jeffrey, Breathe Life’s Chief Executive Officer, shares his journey into the business of life insurance and his own “about face” on the industry.