The Core Values That Fuel Breathe Life

We celebrate diversity, individuality, and everyone's contributions. We are stronger together.

Happy Work and Happy Life, the 5th Core Value at Breathe Life.

We thrive off our teammates and love to laugh and joke around. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Pushing the Limits and Never Getting Comfortable

We pursue excellence and take pride in our work. We never get comfortable.

When You Trust People, They Hold Themselves Accountable

We trust each other, and if we’re struggling with our work, we ask for help. We do what we say we’ll do.

Ask for Forgiveness, Not for Permission - We Are Proactive

We are empowered to make decisions and ask for forgiveness, not for permission. We embrace risk.

Technology and the Advancements it is Bringing to Underwriting

Over the last ten years, technology has been improving most of the life insurance value chain.

The Breathing Room - Denis Clifford

The Breathing Room featuring Denis Clifford, SVP at SBLI.