Earlier today, we announced the launch of a digital insurance distribution kit that enables advisors to support both new and existing clients while working remotely. The Breathe Life digital insurance distribution kit is a scaled back version of our platform that can be deployed quickly and remotely to support advisors and their customers during these unprecedented times.

Advisors are telling us that they need tools to help them help their clients remotely to meet the surge in demand for life insurance products — our digital distribution kit is designed to address this pressing need. Working together, we will get through these challenging times and ensure that consumers have access to the critical insurance coverage they need today and in the future — and that advisors can continue to play the important role they do in these milestone transactions.

The Breathe Life digital distribution kit provides carriers, distributors and their advisors a digital on-ramp that includes remote selling tools so advisors can continue to provide valuable advice while streamlining the buying process for consumers. With the kit, advisors can remotely support new or existing clients with chat, video or co-browsing to walk a client through an application all the way to secure digital policy delivery.

With the Breathe Life digital distribution kit, advisors can:

  • Remotely engage clients with a personalized experience
  • Input and manage client information
  • Automate fact-finding designed to understand client needs
  • Connect with clients with chat, phone, video, or co-browsing
  • Complete the client’s application
  • Remotely assist at any step of the journey
  • Provide E-signature & online payment processing

Clients and consumers can:

  • Educate themselves on products and services
  • Easily navigate the purchase with intuitive digital tools that help them find financial security
  • Get help from their advisor when they need it with call scheduling, chat, phone and video
  • Buy insurance from their advisor from the comfort of home
  • Refer & protect friends and loved ones.

Breathe Life is also providing all the tools needed to onboard advisors, which can be done in a matter of minutes. To learn more about the Breathe Life digital insurance distribution kit click here to schedule a time for a call.