I was taking part in a webinar just over a week ago when one of the hosts said something that struck me – Google has seen searches for “financial advice” related queries increase by over 89%. We know that during times of uncertainty people tend to focus more on getting their financial houses in order. They reassess their investments, make sure their life insurance plans are adequate, and put in place budgets to help them navigate through periods of under employment or unemployment. But 89% in 4 weeks seemed like a big jump!

Our vision is to provide financial security to all, whoever, and wherever they are. So, we asked ourselves, how can we help not only support the industry but to also support individuals during this difficult time. The more our team thought about this, the more we realized that one of the ways we could do this was to empower advisors with content that they could use to reach and engage with their prospects. Over the last 6 weeks, there are countless advisors who have had to make the sudden jump to working 100% digitally and are likely trying to figure out how to build digital marketing toolkits and how best to reach and help support their networks. 

To support both these advisors, and individuals in search of accurate financial advice and content, we’re launching a completely free content library. Advisors who have suddenly had to pivot to a completely digital strategy will get access to free articles and the end consumer, through the advisors, will get access to high-quality educational content. The goal of this library is that they use these articles to help them reach and educate as many individuals as possible. 

You can access the library here.