One thing I love so much about our team is our passion for everything fitness and health related. Our team loves the outdoors and regularly participate inactivities like hiking, skiing, heliskiing, mountain biking, and boat rides. We’ve shared a few times that our fitness channel on slack is one of our most popular channels. We use that space to share fitness challenges, big wins, and tons of fun pictures. It also serves as an area for us to motivate each other, which has such a positive outcome!

Our latest monthly health challenge focused on healthy habits. We had people commit to anything from no UberEats (a hard one!), to not purchasing new clothes, to get up before 6am, or to get a run in weekly. The purpose of this was not to focus solely on physical fitness, but also on habits that can help us in other areas of our lives. Throughout the course of the challenge, our team was encouraging each other, pushing each other, and celebrating those who were sticking to their goals. This creates such a nice community with your teammates and I know has personally pushed me and kept me accountable for the things I’ve said I would do!

Last month, we hosted a Lunch & Learn with Adelade LaFontaine (AGM Fitness) focused on Wellness and Health. What was really amazing about this session were the simple takeaways that Adelade gave our team to begin a healthy lifestyle. Some of the top suggestions were things like: 

  • Starting small – it’s better to do one pushup a day, than 10 push ups once a week, as you’re building good habits and routine!
  • Remove all or nothing thinking – you don’t have to put pressure on yourself to accomplish something right away.
  • If it hasn’t worked before, it likely won’t work in the future – this was a way for us to reflect on habits we’ve wanted to change, or improve upon and the ways we’ve gone about it. If we’ve tried to start something multiple times in the same way, maybe it’s time to revisit our strategy!

Inspired by Adelade’s discussion with us, our April health challenge is focused on “Small Beginnings.” We asked our team to commit to building healthy habits that may seem insignificant or not exciting, but that could build into something healthier in the future. For example, I myself have committed to doing 10 burpees a day. I can promise you this has NOT been easy, but it’s a doable goal, and when I finish my challenge for the day I feel really proud of myself! We have other team members doing things like a plank challenge, starting at a 30 seconds hold time, to mindful meditations each day. Typically, when we do a health or fitness related challenge, we announce winners at the end of the month, but to celebrate small steps, we decided to have weekly winners. This provides people a chance to get back on track if they have one off week, and it’s also fun to have more winners :). 

We believe in the importance of health and physical well being to improve everyone’s quality of life. We know that a healthy team is a happy team, and we want to foster a team that loves what they do, are great at what they do, and feel good about it too! We love having a place where we can inspire each other to reach our health and wellness goals, and we’re excited to keep moving forward!