3Qs with Emma, our Senior Director of Marketing, on value add marketing and its role in marketing a brand or a company.


From my perspective, value add marketing includes everything that a company pushes out into the world that provides value to your clients. In the case of Breathe Life, that means adding value to our clients and their prospective clients.

Because Breathe Life is a B to B to C business, our goal is to educate life insurers and their advisors about how embracing technology will deliver value to their clients and enable them to communicate more efficiently and effectively with their customers. 


I believe that by adding value to your communications, you build trust. Trust is the critical factor in encouraging people to collaborate with you. It is not only your solutions that create value, it is the collaboration it entails. Collaboration is at the heart of a true partnership and leads to longer term relationships. Clients will want to work with you from day one if you add value and focus on helping them succeed and thrive.

The life insurance business has been slow to embrace technology. When COVID hit and knocking on doors to make sales became impossible, the life business struggled. COVID forced the business to find new ways to sell products and services. At Breathe Life, we took a step back to determine how exactly we could add value and help our industry.


When we first launched Breathe Life, we had created a library of 700 articles targeted to customers buying a house, having a baby, and getting married. The articles offered buyers of life products general information around buying decisions and the associated financial implications.

We realized this library could become a valuable sales tool during COVID, so we decided to open source our content, making it available free to clients and financial advisors. This enabled insurers to take the leap into digital marketing and engage with customers in a new way. Overnight, people who had never marketed themselves digitally suddenly began building a digital brand to maintain and grow their businesses. The content we put out was all about creating value and helping our industry not only survive but thrive. 


Today, we continue using the value-add strategy by only putting out educational and information content. One of those strategies involves offering quarterly webinars. We put together this great panel of smart industry experts to talk about timely and relevant topics. There are no sales pitches. It is all about creating a great discussion and offering valuable insights into the industry. 

The best way to make an impact in this industry is to enable carriers rather than to disrupt them. 


Q: The life insurance industry is not one that inherently produces a lot of content. How is the business responding to Breathe Life’s value add content strategy?

A: Well in fact. Much of the content being pushed out by solution providers is simply sales pitches. Very few produce content that is educational, helping the end consumer and the advisor. Carriers are still on the newer side of adapting technology and so people that work within the industry are still learning about how technology can help their businesses. 

We hear how great the articles have been, whether it is one of our blogs or through thought leadership pieces published in different industry publications. All have been super well received. Like I mentioned earlier, value add marketing really helps build trust. People are now more willing to take part in and engage with our webinars, interviews, and blogs because they know it is not a sales pitch. 

Life insurance is at an inflection point where carriers need technology to change and improve the way they do things. Many have started the journey to digitalization, but COVID was the real impetus carriers needed to move quickly. Instead of working on a 10 year plan, carriers are now working on a two year plan.

Q: What is it like marketing technology and innovation to a risk-adverse industry?

A: People ask me why I work in insurance. They often tend to think that insurance is dull and boring. To me, it is interesting because we are marketing technology to an industry where it is not necessarily a choice of one competitor over another. It is a choice of technology over the status quo. Technology enables carriers to meet the modern customer and the modern advisor in person, online and on their own terms. Others are already stepping up to offer the consumer what they want. If you do not invest in technology now, your business will fall behind. It is simply that simple. This is a customer driven economy. 

Technology is not the enemy. It will not replace the financial advisor or replace the carrier. Technology is here to help companies do more, do it better, and do it faster. When you think about it, there really are not many industries left in the world that have not already embraced technology in one way or another. It is remarkably interesting to be in an industry where marketing technology can make a real difference. At Breathe Life, we support carriers and their advisors on their digital journey. We are right there in the front line with them online.