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Driven by Advisors, Consumers, or a Hybrid of both – unleash the future of life insurance distribution

hybrid distribution

The Future of Life Insurance Distribution is Flexible

The digital era is here and it brings with it the power of choices.

hybrid distribution

The best digital solution is the one that solves your business objectives. The modularity and flexibility of the Breathe Life Platform caters to this exact need. We provide insurers with a solution that can be used in part or in full.

The Breathe Life Hybrid Distribution Platform offers Advisors a flexible and unified selling experience, gives Carriers access to powerful data analytics, and provides Consumers with a modern buying experience that creates trust and long-term loyalty.


We’re thrilled to team up with a market leader like Breathe Life to continue driving forward relevant and seamless solutions for our clients. We’re proud to offer the most differentiating life insurance product of this category in the market, which truly reflects consumer habits, preferences and needs.

Peter D. Thompson, Senior Vice President, Insurance and President, NBC Life


We realized that we needed to empower our advisors and brokers with a modern experience, including new digital tools to more effectively and efficiently serve customers. Breathe Life emerged from our rigorous review process as the best partner and provider for this critical digital transformation initiative.

Glenn Hymers, President & CEO of FaithLife Financial

Life Insurance Distribution

Leverage the most advanced eApp with a suite of cloud-based tools to manage leads, customers, and their life insurance applications, for advisor-driven, self-serve, or a hybrid of both.

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